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Battery Shipping Requirements
Effective Jan 1, 2013 ICAO and IATA have changed the packing instruction for all air shipments containing lithium ion and lithium metal batteries that are not contained in or packed with equipment. These changes are effective when the batteries in the shipment exceed Section II packing instruction requirements. Please refer to this link for IATA lithium battery shipping guidance.


In order to submit your instrument for repair you must check that you have read and understand our terms and conditions of the service department


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Last updated 6-Oct 2010

The serial number is a 10 digit number located on a sticker, typically found with a barcode.

Please include any issues or errors that you may be encountering with your instrument.

Pre-approval of your repair will greatly reduce the time you are without your lifesaving equipment. With pre-approval, your instrument can be repaired and returned to you within five business days. If you do not choose pre-approval, we will provide you with an estimate which you will need to approve prior to us completing your repair. If you have any questions, please call our Repair Center at 800-338-3287.

This person should be able to approve the repair of your instrument.