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    Using IIoT to Improve Safety in Industrial Environments

    The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects machines and devices in industrial environments such as oil and gas, transportation, and power generation to improve operational efficiencies, reduce downtime, and enhance worker safety.

    Taking the Guesswork Out of Gas Detection

    What no user can afford to do when it comes to lifesaving gas detectors, is to take a guess. Simply clipping on a monitor does not keep the user safe. Understanding the power and limitations of a gas detector requires some education.

    Confined Spaces in Construction and Atmospheric Testing

    Are you ready for the new construction confined space standard? The new standard for confined space entry in the construction industry took effect August 3, 2015. How ready is your organization to take on the new rules? Have you defined our potential hazards? Do you have the gas monitoring equipment necessary to perform pre-entry testing and continuous monitoring as required by the regulation?

    "Calibration Station or Docking Station"

    Download this white paper to help you decide “Calibration Station or Docking Station – Which one do you need for your gas detectors?

    "DualSense Technology: Why two are safer than one"

    Calibrate at least monthly and bump test daily. These are the typical recommendations for maintaining gas detectors.

    But how often do users actually bump test their instruments? How much less safe are you if you don’t? Is there any way not to bump test and be just as safe as you would be if you did?

    DualSense Whitepaper
    "Does Your Gas Detection Program Need a Health Check?"

    From this white paper, learn the three things every safety professional should know about their portable gas detectors, data management and safety culture.

    "Why Bump Testing Saves Lives"

    This paper explores the correlation between bump test intervals and gas detector failures. And, it demonstrates the life-saving importance of performing the test prior to each day’s use.