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    The Gas Detection People

    Only a few people in this world get excited about gas detectors.
    Most of them work for Industrial Scientific.

    Gas detection is all that we do. It’s what we love to do.

    But we understand that, for many people, buying and maintaining gas detectors are like buying and maintaining tires. No one likes to do it. That’s why we developed breakthrough systems for automated testing, calibration and data management.

    Maybe it’s our fascination with sensor span reserves and LEL correlation factors. Maybe it’s the way we analyze and simplify safety data in ways that no one else has ever imagined. Add to that, our joy of serving others and our desire to exceed customer expectations. Then you begin to see why no other company offers a service like iNet.

    Perhaps we are a little different. That’s fine with us; because saving lives is something everyone can get excited about.

    Our Way

    Humble, hungry and smart.
    Seek truth; speak truth.
    Serving others is our greatest joy.
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    Our People

    They are proud of what they do and proud of where they work. That allows them to focus on delivering highest quality, best customer service … every transaction, every time.
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    Leadership development is one of the most critical factors to our growth. We believe that improved leadership increases the ability to lay out a compelling vision, motivate and inspire, make the tough calls, and treat people with empathy.

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